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A cultural and social mix in a disused factory building.

Site: Wien, Austria
Size: 112 apartments, 30 m2 – 130 m2
Number of inhabitants: 150
Architect: BKK-2
Client: Verein für integrative Lebensgestaltung
Shared amenities: restaurant/cafe, childcare centre, event space, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath

Initiator: Verein für integrative Lebensgestaltung
Form/Typology (Boform): Wohnheim
Values/Intention (Formål): cultural, social; two units are reserved for asylum seekers

Photos: Sargfabrik Wien
Plans: http://tajvedelem.hu/Tankonyv/TH_en/ch07.html#d6e14335
Webpage: http://www.sargfabrik.at