OPENhousing exemplars
OPENhousing exemplars

What can municipalities do in order to promote socially sustainable housing? Norwegian municipalities Bergen and Trondheim have received funding from the Research Council of Norway to investigate the issue. For the feasibility study, OPEN transformation produced an exemplar collection:

In the exemplar collection, we have identified three possible roles for municipalities: initiator, facilitator, or driving force. Each of these principal roles possesses its own tools and models of implementation, as highlighted in the publication.

Instructive examples

With this publication, we pick up where we left off during Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016. As part of our triennale contribution, we collected instructive examples from various countries to point towards the concept of OPENhousing:

Vindmøllebakken 2
Sargfabrik – “Wohnheim Matznergasse”
3 Lange Eng
Svartlamon Eksperimentboliger
Jåtten Øst B7
Grundbau und Siedler
Moriyama House
Share Yaraicho

Included or excluded?

While housing is key to becoming part of Norwegian society, the deregulated housing market remains a significant source of economic inequality.

Unless political measures are taken to change the situation, physical living conditions will continue to maintain the distance between “us” and “them”. Former refugees and asylum seekers who lack capital or the means to obtain sufficient loans will not gain entrance to the home-ownership market, and will be forced to accept poorer living conditions than other Norwegians.

We perceive this situation as an opportunity to transform the production and use of housing in Norway in the long term. While our intervention aims to create an enclave of possibility within the bounds of the existing housing market, we acknowledge the need for structural change. New ideas about housing are called for.