Silje Klepsvik. Photo: OPEN transformation
Silje Klepsvik
Elisabeth Søiland. Photo: OPEN transformation
Elisabeth Søiland
Åsne Hagen. Photo: OPEN transformation
Åsne Hagen






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OPEN transformation started as a project for Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016. Currently, we are making an effort to promote our ideas. The project team consists of Silje Klepsvik (architect, Kaleidoscope Nordic), Elisabeth Søiland (architect) and Åsne Hagen (sociologist). We want to demonstrate that it is equally possible and necessary to renew the way Norway as a society receives asylum seekers.

We propose that asylum seekers may live other places than reception centres without losing benefits: bnbOPEN. Simultaneously, we envision shared arenas for locals and the newly arrived: OPENhouse. Furthermore, we see an opportunity to challenge market forces in the Norwegian housing sector and to develop new housing policies: OPENhousing.

We collaborate with Hack for Humanity (Sinan Softic, Amra Softic, Adam Gullerud Haeger and Natale Hugvik) on a digital platform for bnbOPEN. We are grateful to the advisers who agreed to be interviewed and have given us valuable comments: Svein, Nuray, Kawa, Susanne, Marwan and Ragne. We would also like to thank Tellef Grønlie, Per Kristian Nygård, Shwan Karem Wahed, Else M. E. Abrahamsen, Makers’Hub, Ketil Blinge, Christine Annexstad, Linn Landro, Kristin Bøhn, Eli Støa, Anne Sigfrid Grønseth, Ida Helen Skogstad, Arild Eriksen, Joakim Skajaa, Nhu Diep and Susanne Demou Øvergaard.

We are registered with the Central Coordinating Register of Legal Entities (CCR). Our organisation number is 916 733 534.

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